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GAME UPDATE 29/09/2021 01:52:09, | 173 views
~ Straighten Up About Macro (Macro Not Allowed For Auto Pilot Char No Response Within 2 Minutes By Staff Auto Banned).
~ Increased Weapon Legion Set and Fixed Bow and Shield.
~ Fixed Pirate Epaulet Of Laws (Release Soon).
~ Increase Set Effect DMG, AMP.
~ Increase Hard Luck (FB Skill).
~ Increase AMP and Critical DMG By Armor and Weapon.
~ Add 2 Skill For Wizard Class (Passive and Normal Buff).
~ Add New Skill All Class (Check Instructor).
~ Add Monster For AFK T-Point, Location Bloody Ice.
~ Add Element Item Pandemodium and Mirage Island (Normal).
~ Element (Fire, Earth, Wind, Ice Stone) Can Sell Agent Shop.
~ Drop List Update.