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GAME UPDATE 05/10/2021 04:19:03, | 208 views
~ Remove Pirate Box Donation and Change to Legion Box.
~ Add Demonite and Pirate Epaulet Of Laws (General Craft Lvl 8 and 9).
~ Increased Rare Item Craf for Archridium - Legion Set.
~ New Event Halloween (Mission War Event).
~ Increase Dail Quest In Mwar.
~ Reduced Drosnin Earring By Defend 180 to 150.
~ Change Option For Devensive Earring Flee Rate (Remove) add Resist Critical Rate.
~ Add Armor and Weapon (Highest/Ultimate/Supreme Grade) Option Scrols SSA/MSA For 20 Hrs Login (Special Inventory).
~ Event Kill Cabal Lantern (Spwan At BI, DS, GD and PL)